Services Purchased

Operating Expense- Services Purchased

The following are Operating Expense- Services Purchased categories for . There are also links below that will allow users to drill down further and determine what actually composes these categories. As a reminder
  • Advertising and Promotions Billboard, Direct mail, Directories, guides and programs, Displays, Magazines and trade publications, Newspapers, Posters and signs, Radio, Television, Tariffs, schedules and timetables:Distribution, Printing, Production, Other promotional and publicity expenses: Entertainment expense, Open house expenses, Photographic expenses, Promotional materials, Publicity releases, Visual (motion pictures, slides, etc.)/li>
  • Communication Air-ground radio service, Equipment installation charges, Equipment rental, Intercommunication equipment, Navigation facility user charges, Telegraph and cable message charges, Telephone equipment, Telephone toll charges, Teletype equipment
  • Insurance Insurance - general:Buildings and contents, Flight equipment (Hull insurance), Insurance purchased, Materials and supplies, Other property and equipment, Provisions for self-insurance, Third part liability, Insurance - traffic liability:Cargo liability, Passenger liability, Passenger baggage and personal property,Provisions for self-insurance
  • Outside Flight Equipment Maintenance Aircraft engine repairs, Aircraft interchange charges, Air-frame repairs, General interchange charges, Other flight equipment repairs, Other services
  • Traffic Commissions- Passenger
  • Traffic Commissions- Cargo
  • Other Services General Services Purchased - Outside:Aircraft interchange charges, General interchange service charges, Legal fees and expenses:Attorney fees and expenses, Law books, Legal forms and supplies, Litigation costs, Retainer fees, Transcript and witness expenses, Professional and Technical Fees and Expenses:Appraisal fees, Architect, Audit, Consultants, Engineering, Laboratory, Market and traffic surveys, Medical, Other services including:Bank service charges, Credit and billing services, Housekeeping and support services, Security services