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Updated: 2017-02-06

Spirit Airlines Pilot Demand(Pilot Subscriber or Premium Access) Pilot Demand - Forecasts through 2025

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Note: These rough calculations were made with each airlines order and delivery schedule up through 2020. After 2020 it became fairly unclear what those orders would be, so the website assumes Boeing's domestic prediction of 1.4% fleet growth per year. You will notice the charts show both the 1.4% and 0 growth after 2020.

These estimates also assume each pilot would make it to mandatory retirement age, and that the current ratio of pilots/aircraft will remain the same. It is important to note, this model assumes none of the aircraft options on the books are exercised. Only aircraft on a delivery schedule are incorporated into the tables. Its also important to note delivery schedules can be delayed and pushed back, as JetBlue has recently done. I hope the following information is helpful.

Each table includes what the estimated fleet number is for the start of the year, and then through scheduled aircraft delivery's and retirements, what the end of year fleet size should be roughly. We can then apply the airlines pilot/aircraft ratio to know how many additional pilots are needed for the airline growth. After this number we can add the number of mandatory retirements and come up with the estimated amount pilots the airline will need for airline growth and Pilot Attrition.

Pilot Hiring Table

Number of Pilots: 1525 --- Pilot/Aircraft Ratio: 15.6 --- Current Fleet Number: 98

Audries Aircraft Analysis

Industry Standard Staffing: 1237
Projected --> Overstaffed by : 288 Pilots
Industry Average Staffing Ratio: 12.6

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Aircraft Order and Retirement Schedule

Upgrade/50% Seniority Calculator

Planned Hire Year

Current % Seniority From Bottom

Projected Upgrade Year: