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Updated: 2017-02-07

SkyWest Airlines Pilot Demand

(Pilot Subscriber or Premium Access) Pilot Demand - Forecasts through 2025
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The Regional Airline Pilot demand are dependant on a number of factors.

  • The number of pilots being pulled from Destination airlines(Majors).
  • The Total Size of the Regional Airline Pool, also determines what percentage of the Airline can be expected to be hired at a given year. For example if there is only 10,000 pilots in the whole Regional industry and the Majors need 5,000, we can expect roughly 50% of the regional pool to go that year. Vice verse, if the Regional pool is 50,000 pilots and they still need 5,000 pilots then we can assume only 10% will go this year.
  • The growth pattern of the regional airline being analyzed.
  • Subsequently the growth pattern of every regional airline and major airline have a indirect effect in the calculation of these numbers. (This is where computers come in handy).

Knowing this, it is important to realize this data is only as good as its completness. If these numbers do not take into consideration another "airline" or source of pilots then the numbers would be skewed.

If you would like to participate in the conversation and update these numbers please consider joining the contributors team. The contributor teams have substantially more detailed data provided to them among all the Audries Aircraft Analysis teams.

Most regional airline pilot retirements are fairly insignificant for the next 15-20 years. Due to that they are ignored for the time being until better regional retirement data can be obtained. You will also see links to supporting fleet projections available for contributors and premium members.

Aircraft Order and Retirement Schedule


Pilot Hiring Graphs/Table

Number of Pilots: 4107 --- Pilot/Aircraft Ratio: 11.1

Google Visualization API Sample


Percent Seniority Junior is a helpful tool in determining approximate upgrade time. For example if someone where to get hired to today the point on the chart where it reaches 50% would be their approx upgrade year.

For someone who gets hired in 5 years they only need to look at 50% senioty change to determine their upgrade year. For example in 5 years when they get hired, the chart might say 30%, at which point they need to look further down to find an additional 50% worth of movement (80% on the chart) to determine their approximate upgrade.

For a current FO who has been with the company 3 years, and has about 15% of the pilot group junior to them, they need to look and see how long it will take from today to move an additional 35% in Seniority to get to our average upgrade point(50%)


Upgrade/50% Seniority Calculator

Planned Hire or Actual Hire Year

Current % Seniority From Bottom

Projected Upgrade Year: