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Updated: 2017-01-17

Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Demand(Pilot Subscriber or Premium Access) Pilot Demand - Forecasts through 2025

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The standard method this website employees in calculating pilot demand on this page is as follows.

Calculate current aircraft to pilot ratios. Basically the number of pilots the airline has per aircraft.

The next step is to forecast fleet size for the next few years by looking at aircraft order and retirement plans. Sometimes some guesses have to be made to paint a complete picture. About halfway down is a link describing that projection and supporting evidence behind the projection.

Pilot needs are calculated per year based on the size of the fleet. If projected age 65 mandatory retirements are known then they are included as well

This method has some particular limitations. It does not take into account hiring needs due to unplanned attrition or training bubbles. Training bubbles can be common when an airline starts to do a lot of training. This training pulls pilots off of the flight line and increases the airlines need for pilots to make up for the number of pilots no longer on the flight line. Once the training is over the company usually finds themselves with more pilots than optimum. The best airlines are able to smooth these training bubbles out by good HR and fleet forecasting. Nevertheless this model does not take that into account.

Pilot Hiring Table

Number of Pilots: 627 --- Pilot/Aircraft Ratio: 12.8 --- Current Fleet Number: 49

Audries Aircraft Analysis

Industry Standard Staffing: 940
Projected --> Understaffed by : 313 Pilots
Industry Average Staffing Ratio: 19.2

what does this mean?

Google Visualization API Sample

Aircraft Order and Retirement Schedule

Upgrade/50% Seniority Calculator

Planned Hire Year

Current % Seniority From Bottom

Projected Upgrade Year: