Airline Financial Analysis

Select the Buttons on the left to dive into this website's reports/research for each airline. Many of the new reports are taken from the US government's Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the numbers are reported by the individual airlines. This feature is currently in BETA so any errors should be noted via email to the website.
Airline Analysis/Research Company Type of Airline Alliance Membership Current Stock Quote
American Airlines ResearchAANetwork/InternationalOne World[]
Delta Air Lines ResearchDeltaLogoNetwork/InternationalSkyTeam[]
United Airlines ResearchUnitedLogoNetwork/InternationalStar[]
Alaska Airlines ResearchAlaskaLogoNetworkNone[]
US Airways ResearchUSAirwaysLogoNetwork/InternationalStar Alliance[]
Hawaiian Airlines ResearchUSAirwaysLogoNetwork/InternationalNone[]
Allegiant Air ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone[]
Frontier Airlines ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone[]
JetBlue Airways ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone[]
Southwest Airlines ResearchUSAirwaysLogoMajorNone[]
Spirit Airlines ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone[]
Sun Country ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone Not Publicly Traded
Virgin America ResearchUSAirwaysLogoLow CostNone Not Publicly Traded
Air Wisconsin Airlines ResearchRegionalStar Not Publicly Traded
Envoy Air ResearchEnvoy LogoRegionalOne World[]
Compass Airlines ResearchRegionalSkyTeam Not Publicly Traded
Endeavor Air ResearchRegionalSkyTeam[]
GoJet Airlines ResearchRegionalSkyTeam/Star[]
Horizon Airlines ResearchRegionalNone[]
Mesa Airlines ResearchRegionalStar Not Publicly Traded
PSA Airlines ResearchRegionalStar[]
Chautauqua Airlines ResearchSegment of RJETSkyTeam/One World/Star[]
Republic Airlines ResearchRegionalSkyTeam/One World/Star[]
Shuttle America ResearchSegment of RJETSkyTeam/Star[]
SkyWest Airlines ResearchRegionalSkyTeam/One World/Star[]
ExpressJet Airlines ResearchRegionalSkyTeam/One World/Star[]
UPS ResearchCargoNone[]
Federal Express ResearchCargoNone[]
Amerijet International ResearchCargoNone Not Publicly Traded
Atlas Air ResearchCharter- Cargo/PassengerNone[]
Miami Air International ResearchCharter- PassengerNone Not Publicly Traded
USA Jet Airlines ResearchCharter - Passenger/CargoNone Not Publicly Traded
Kalitta Air LLC ResearchKa_logo_red_JPGCharter - CargoNone Not Publicly Traded