U.S. Pilot Demand Projection 2015-2030

By KitDarby.com and AudriesAircraftAnalysis.com

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Airline Pilot Demand Analysis

Including Airline Financial and Statistical Analysis, Pilot Demand models/comparison, Codeshare systems and other Pilot analysis tools.


Aircraft Performance Analysis

Four main sections in Aircraft Analysis, including General Aviation Database profiles,  comparison tools, search/ranking tools, and POH/AFM performance calculators


Airline Market Segment Analysis -Beta

Whether your an airline analyst, commuter looking for the easiest commute, planning to use a Zed fare in the near future or a future trip, or any reason in between Market Segment Analysis can help you. This data is mined from Form 41 data...
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Survey Reports

Survey reports are in Beta Mode. Find out what our member pilots think about the airlines they work for. Since pilots have provided the survey data the de-identified airline specific reports will be free to them under the pilot membership level. If you are an airline pilot...

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Anaylsis and resources for Pilots and other aviation professionals.

Optimum Performance Calculator

What if as you prepared for a cross country trip you could run the numbers for every single, climb profile, power setting, altitude combination in the your Aircraft Operating Handbook, for a given weight and winds aloft sounding? Then pick the very best one's depending on Fuel...

Aircraft efficiency comparisons and rankings

Aircraft Performance/Efficiency comparison, pulled from the websites extensive database of general aviation aircraft. Rankings are provided for Top Twenty Best General Aviation Aircraft in CLASS, Fastest Fastest Single Engine Piston ,Fastest Twin Engine Piston, Best MPG, Best MPG Single, Best MPG Twin, and Best Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile Fuel.


Membership Options are available. For pilots free memberships are available by simply completing the required survey. The surveys are de-identified and provide invaluable information to other pilots and sectors of the industry. Other premium memberships are available to others and for access to market segment analysis.

Automation and the Pilot Profession

I often get questions from prospective pilots about self-flying aircraft and the prospects for the pilot profession. With all the hype that has been heard over the last 30+ years it’s a natural question, and with large manufactures beginning to study it , it comes up more and more. The hype has been loud enough that in this authors opinion it has begun to affect pilot career and supply decisions. I’ve seen people purposely avoid flying for large cargo carriers because some of this hype has eroded their confidence in a long successful career without being replaced by Self Flying aircraft. In a twist of irony, one of the reasons Boeing is looking at self-flying aircraft is a lack of pilots, unfortunately, this hasn’t done much to satiate the real problem by signaling a future to the public that doesn’t appear promising for aspiring young aviators, and therefore in a way becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So with that premise, I’ve attempted to present a few concepts that will hopefully clarify a few things for those interested in pursuing a career in aviation as Aviators. I think you may find that the hurdles that have to be overcome are quite extensive for autonomous airlines to really take hold. News articles heavily emphasize that computers fly aircraft most of the time. While this is true(sometimes) it often misrepresents a pilot’s true role which does a real disservice to the profession. In these articles, pilots are relegated to the role of stick and rudder masters, as their loftiest purpose, and these articles usually show that this lofty perch is quickly becoming antiquated... read more

Compiling Data for the 2016 Report

For those that watch the numbers please excuse any anomaly in the data as the website compiles and updates various airlines fleet numbers and fleet projection numbers. These numbers should be compiled by the next couple of weeks. If you would like to contribute information to the project please let the website... read more

De-identified member surveys – Reports 2015

The de-identified member surveys from 2015 have been captured and posted in the shop in PDF format. As always these reports are available for free throughout their year for viewership in real time by members. When members signup the website dynamically stores survey responses about the members current airline, with the hope of generating useful information about an airline's culture and quality of life. At the beginning of each year unused membership accounts are removed and the generation of the next years report begins (2016). For those interested in viewing this report in real time feel free to sign up for a free membership available to those currently active as pilots in the aviation industry. It should be noted that some airlines with fewer than 3 survey responses have not been included in the available reports for the year. Survey results for each airline or operation include. How happy are you with your profession? How happy are you with the company you work for? How confident are you in your company's management team? How much trust do you have in your management team? In your current circumstances which of the following could you use more of the most? (Pay, Time At Home, Sleep, Benefits, Progression) What are your career plans in the next 10 years? How would you describe the culture at your company? Do you feel you are currently fairly compensated? Do your management teams spend time in the jumpseat? The company you work for cares about its employees? On average how many nights are you at home every month? How many days a month do you work on... read more

Shop Reports

De-Identified Member Survey Data for US Flight Operations