Airline Pilot Demand Analysis

Including Airline Financial and Statistical Analysis, Pilot Demand models/comparison, Codeshare systems and other Pilot analysis tools.


Aircraft Performance Analysis

Four main sections in Aircraft Analysis, including General Aviation Database profiles,  comparison tools, search/ranking tools, and POH/AFM performance calculators


Airline Market Segment Analysis -Beta

Whether your an airline analyst, commuter looking for the easiest commute, planning to use a Zed fare in the near future or a future trip, or any reason in between Market Segment Analysis can help you. This data is mined from Form 41 data...

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Survey Reports

Survey reports are in Beta Mode. Find out what our member pilots think about the airlines they work for. Since pilots have provided the survey data the de-identified airline specific reports will be free to them under the pilot membership level. If you are an airline pilot...

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Anaylsis and resources for Pilots and other aviation professionals.

Optimum Performance Calculator

What if as you prepared for a cross country trip you could run the numbers for every single, climb profile, power setting, altitude combination in the your Aircraft Operating Handbook, for a given weight and winds aloft sounding? Then pick the very best one's depending on Fuel...

Aircraft efficiency comparisons and rankings

Aircraft Performance/Efficiency comparison, pulled from the websites extensive database of general aviation aircraft. Rankings are provided for Top Twenty Best General Aviation Aircraft in CLASS, Fastest Fastest Single Engine Piston ,Fastest Twin Engine Piston, Best MPG, Best MPG Single, Best MPG Twin, and Best Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile Fuel.


Membership Options are available. For pilots free memberships are available by simply completing the required survey. The surveys are de-identified and provide invaluable information to other pilots and sectors of the industry. Other premium memberships are available to others and for access to market segment analysis.

Republic Airways – A Case study in Labor Relations

Republic Airways has been an excellent case when studying the importance of labor relations. The scenario we see today has been more than 8 years in the making and provides some valuable insight for other executive teams around the world and industry. Some of these insights include The importance of finding common ground leading to timely agreements between employee groups and management. The importance of allowing the Railway Labor Act to fully function when there is an impasse between groups. Before we delve into any of these points we need to first identify one important principle often overlooked in today's world by executive teams. Attitude and culture at a company are a reflection of leadership. Whenever an executive at a company points to a labor group as the source of the problem, or that the group has gone bad or funky they usually forget "When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself." Louis Nizer The attachment of blame and the rationalization of reality usually results in executive teams who are unwilling to accept or look at the difficult and authentic roots of the problem. Usually this compounds the difficulties. While it is not the intent of this article to study all the various roots, some include being out of touch with the employee group, or the industry, misaligned priorities and many others. This article studies the effect of this breakdown. The two insights are interrelated. The case study with Republic demonstrates the reality of another bank account not reflected in the Quarterly or Annual reports. In relationships... read more

The way forward for the Regional Airlines

There is a way forward for the Regional Airlines. Despite the unique problems they face because of the business model, there may be hope. The push towards lower compensation at the regional airlines seems to have abated. Regional airlines are now offering some additional incentive besides rock bottom starting wages to attract pilots. Even Pinnacle/Endeavor the airline that started the free fall in compensation is offering large bonuses after these cuts in pay have dramatically affected their ability to attract pilots. Even though the bonuses are likely short term solutions to a long term problem it is a step in the right direction. Catch-up Unfortunately, because of the reduction in wages at some of the regional airlines they have stifled their supply for pilots just when they should have been nourishing it the most. Also, because the difficulty in attracting pilots has been most keenly felt at the regional airline level, the Legacy carriers who control the regional carriers schedules have not been well motivated to plan more efficient schedules which would have allowed the existing pilots to be more efficiently used. Even though many of the airlines are behind this curve it is still not too late for airlines who are willing to plan ahead. How to fix the regional airlines Make them a career For safety and financial reasons regional airlines should be motivated to create an airline where a good portion of their pilots can make it a career. The career may not be as good as it is at the legacy carriers but good enough to justify the investment made in a pilot's education. A... read more

Selecting your first Regional Airline.

It is not unusual in today's market for savvy pilots to ask which regional airline is the right one for them. With so many regional airlines vying for pilots it can be a difficult decision. As with many things it depends, and it usually depends on a pilot's priorities. “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where –" "Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland For example, a pilot with an immediate family to care for might choose not to commute, and therefore place more priority on base location in order to provide a more convenient move for their family. Factors like this come into play since very few regional airlines pay for moving expenses; especially for new hire pilots. A pilot looking to gain PIC time as quickly as possible might place a greater priority on upgrade time. A new pilot seeking to pay off student debt might look primarily at income verse cost of living in the bases they would likely hold as a junior pilot. These are just a few possibilities. Needless to say the scenarios and combinations of priorities are likely as varied as the circumstances of the pilots seeking to find the right fit for them. The following are some things beyond hourly compensation to watch out for as pilots make their choice. Quality of Life - As pilots usually discover the quality of life they experience at their regional has a large impact on... read more

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